Welcome on the Homepage of The Nehéz family.
With this homepage, we pay tribute to the family of
our   daughter in low,  NEHÉZ KATALIN


Publishing our family tree on-line is an attempt to summarize as much as possible a family research of almost 30 years which slowly turned to be an amateur research from the first, rather layman, investigation. Our aim is to help making further connection points and of course we are proud of this work.

The evolving of the family tree is a good example of how the new information, the wider context inevitably result in the structural changing of the ongoing reserach, which means loss or double work. 

The family history was first presented in an album format with rich photo illustration. Families are presented separately, first our own family, then our mothers’ and grandmothers’ families and last the families of our daughters-in-law.

These album-books are the summaries of the family word of mouth tradition, our documents and research, they are the results of the collective work of  families. The first volume was done in 1993 and it has been completed ever since.

Later we started to use a special web page designing software.

We are showing now the result of this procedure by presenting the following families which are united in a so-called "ősfa" (ancestors tree) which is a family tree completed with the mother-branches.   

Our own families are:

SZTRÁNYAY (Dessewffy,Dubniczky,Inkey,Lengyel, Majthényi,   Mikovinyi,  Pongrácz), a ZÁNYI,
Our mothers’ and grandmothers’ and grand-grandmathers' families:KAJÁN , SKONDA, SCHREINER,  JANCSÓ, GLATZ.,
Families of our daughters-in-law

Their websites are accessible also from this site 

The families and their chronicles are presented one by one and are regularly updated. Those families back in the old times that became relatives through the wives, are presented under the Sztrányay family.

We tried to make a full use of the
program which makes it possible:
                       *    to find easily the links with names and places
                       *    to learn the information and pictures of people figuring in the tree,
                       *    to see the sources we used
                       *   to know not only complete family trees but also  fragments of family trees and to join eventually
                             their processing,

                       *   to connect the mother-branches to the base family tree according to the   
                             requirements of the so-called
"ősfa"  (ancestor tree),
                       *   to put on-line only the names of living people respecting this way the  
individuals’ rights, except if  the person agrees to the disclosure of other

Status: Apr. 2011.

                   György Sztrányai  and his wife Ildikó Zányi


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Further sources:
Hungarian National Archives
Veszprém Megyei Levéltár
Békés Megyei Levéltár
National Széchenyi Library
Slovakian Archives 
 (Bytča, Košice, Bratislava, Nitra)
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